Daniels Keelesdale Condos and Towns

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Daniels Keelesdale Condos and Towns


Project Name:
Daniels Keelesdale Condos and Towns
The Daniels Corporation
Graziani Corazza Architects, Ferris Associates Inc.
Occupancy Date:

Daniels Keelesdale Condos and Towns is located at 2175 Keele St, Toronto and is a new condo project developed by The Daniels Corporation.

It is expected to close in 2024. The deposit is about 20% of the total price.

Daniels Keelesdale Condos and Towns has 9 floors and 731 units.


Over the past 35 years, Daniels has built more than 28,000 homes in the Greater Toronto Area, making them a trusted developer in communities in southern Ontario. They have a unique ability to incorporate the physical structure of the community into the social, cultural, and economic infrastructure that forms the community. They have built many award-winning houses, including apartments, mixed-use projects and retail spaces, and have earned the reputation of being one of Canada’s largest and reputable development companies.


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